Mayor Terry Sundby called to order the February 7, 2022, City Council Meeting at the Argyle City Hall at 7:00 PM. Present were Mayor Sundby, David Sorenson, David Gunderson, and Aaron Rivard. Absent was Anthony Deschene. Also in attendance were Tony Safranski, Chris Vedbraaten and Tamara Benitt. Motion by Aaron Rivard, second by David Sorenson, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion Carried.

On a motion by David Sorenson, second by Aaron Rivard, the Maintenance Report was approved.

On a motion by Aaron Rivard, the following resolution was adopted; RESOLUTION 04-2022 MONETARY LIMITS ON MUNICIPAL TORT LIABILITY, David Sorenson seconded the motion, and the same being put to a vote was duly carried.

We have started reviewing and comparing our current City Code book to the Minnesota Basic Code of Ordinances. The Council members will come in to review the Minnesota Basic Code of Ordinances before any decisions will be made.

A response was received from FEMA about the map revision. There was only a correction made on the map and no special flood hazard area/mapping delineation was changed or removed by this LOMR.

Motion by David Sorenson, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the following 2022 Argyle Fire Department Officers:

Chief: Anthony Deschene                    Asst.: Chief: Erin Anderson

Secretary: Brady Swanson                   Treas.:Rick Kroll

EMS: Rob Clausen                                 Chief Engineer: Tim Tulibaski

Ventilation Officer: Eric Magnusson     Interior Officer: Dillon Erickson

Training Officer: Nathan Anderson       Safety Officer: Kelly Durand

Motion by David Sorenson, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve Desiree Price and Brandin Welin as new firefighters to the Argyle Volunteer Fire Department.

Motion by Aaron Rivard,  second by David Gunderson, to approve the building permit for Chad Swanson: pantry room and redo closets and denied Nevin LuBarski: quonset. Motion carried.

The Council was informed that the City Office & City Shop will be closed on Monday, February 21, 2022 in Observance of Presidents’ Day.

With the new infrastructure laws and grant money becoming available, Tamara reached out to Financialist Mitch Berg. He contacted the Public Facilities Authority and they stated that Argyle is currently on the Project Priority List for the upcoming Rural Water Project. However, due to the high median income in Argyle, we are not eligible for any grant money at this time.

Delinquent accounts were discussed. Motion by David Gunderson, second by David Sorenson, to approve the bills presented for payment, the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, delinquent accounts and vacation & Sick leave. Motion carried.

The Council will put out bids on the hanging flower baskets.

The Council decided to locate the reservoir for the future Rural Water project to the south of the water tower. They also want Marshall & Polk Rural Water to have the responsibility of the current well line that runs into town. Tamara will let Engineer Jerry Pribula know as he is in the process of constructing site plans, specs and plans.

The Council was presented a proposal for “Argyle Growth Project Ideas.” The Council was impressed with the idea and would like to meet with the Argyle fire Department.

The Council discussed the former Hammerback lots. Trees will be planted by the gravel road to give those lots more curb appeal.

Being no further business, motion by Aaron Rivard, second by David Gunderson. Motion carried.


Reminder: Waste Management recycling tote pickup will be on MARCH 16,2022.

City office and City shop Hours: Monday to Thursday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM & Friday 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Utility Payments can be made with a credit card or stop by the City Office to sign up for ACH (Automatic Withdrawal).


1. Please do not leave cars & trailers on streets for easier snow removal.

2.Please stay away from Snow Removal Equipment. Give them room to do their job!

3.Please keep all gates open and free of snow so that meters can be read. Thank You for your cooperation!

4.A REMINDER FROM THE ARGYLE GAS DEPARTMENT: Please keep snow cleared from your gas meter and vent. A dangerous condition exists should your gas meter and vent become blocked with snow. Please keep checking this until the snow melts.

5.Please help the Fire Department by keeping your fire hydrants cleared of snow.