Mayor Robert Clausen called to order the September 7, 2017 City Council meeting at 7:00PM at the Argyle City Office.  Council members present were Mayor Clausen, David Gunderson and Aaron Rivard.  Absent was Anthony Deschene.  Also in attendance were Melissa Knutson of CPS Engineering, Tony Safranski, and Vicki Tulibaski.  Motion by Aaron Rivard, second by David Gunderson, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.

Melissa Knutson of CPS Engineering spoke to the Council about the Lincoln Avenue project and the potential water main replacement and what steps are necessary in choosing an engineering firm and moving forward with the projects.  Howard McLean arrived a the meeting.  Next Melissa informed the Council about the alley way vacations applicable to the replat in Bradford’s Addition.  Now that the final plat has been approved and recorded, the alleys can be vacated.  The City Attorney will need to prepare the legal documents.

The Council then reviewed an email from Jon Pauna of Moore Engineering with a description of the work that would be required and a schedule for the Lincoln Avenue and water main improvements projects if a 2018 construction completion is desired.  Jon will be asked to come to the October meeting.

The Council reviewed and approved the written Maintenance Report.  The Council reviewed two generator quotes and discussed having someone from Interstate come and look at the generator we have.

The Council reviewed information that the Clerk received from the League of Minnesota Cities on obtaining an agent of record.  The Council approved putting out a RFP for a city insurance agent for a three year term.

Tony informed the Council of a leak at Jeremy Sundby’s.  The City Crew will repair it.

The Council reviewed and approved by resolution the 2018 levy.  The Council reviewed the preliminary 2018 budget and made changes.  The Council approved by resolution the 2018 preliminary budget.

The Council reviewed and approved the building permit applications of Argyle Coop. Whse. for a pole shed; Tim Urbaniak, fence; Conrad Goroski, replacement of storm door and windows.

The Council acknowledged and approved the excluded bingo activity at the Argyle Community Center for St. Rose Church during their bazaar on October 29, 2017.

The Council approved the Community Water Supply Service Connection Fee of $6.36 per water connection to be billed on the October bill and to pay to the State of Minnesota.

The Council denied Tri-Valley’s request for a donation to their “Reach Out for Warmth” program.

The Council reviewed and approved a new logo that the A.R.E.D.A. Board has chosen.

The Council denied a request from the Legion to refund their liquor license fee for the street dance on Meet Your Neighbor Day.  The Council decided not to charge the Legion for the utilities at the Lynn Swanson Memorial Ball Park memorial.

David Gunderson updated the Council on the Argyle Park & Rec Board meetings and activities.

The Council discussed the delinquent accounts. Accounts over 90 days past due will be disconnected.  The Council reviewed and approved the bills presented for payment.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.