October 5, 2020 – DRAFT

Mayor Robert Clausen called to order the October 5, 2020 Argyle City Council meeting at 7:00PM at the Argyle City Office.  Present were Mayor Clausen, David Gunderson, Anthony Deschene, and David Sorenson.  Absent was Aaron Rivard.  Also, in attendance were Tony Safranski and Vicki Tulibaski.  Motion by Anthony Deschene, second by David Sorenson, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.

The Council then reviewed the written Progress Report from Moore Engineering.  Andrew Aakre of Moore Engineering met with Tony last week and reviewed maps.

Vicki informed the Council that according to the League of Minnesota Cities the city does not have authority to grant C.A.R.E.S. money to businesses, however, the EDA does.  The Council then reviewed the criteria the city and EDA must follow to use the C.A.R.E.S. Act money.  The grant must be based on expenditures and not lost revenue.  The Council reviewed the list of items suggested by the LMC to use C.A.R.E.S. Act funds for and added items to purchase to the list.  After a lengthy discussion, motion by David Gunderson, second by David Sorenson, the Council adopted a resolution allocating Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act Funds to local government activities.  Motion carried.

The Council tabled 2021 wages until the November meeting.

The Council reviewed the written Maintenance Report.  Motion by David Sorenson, second by Anthony Deschene, to approve the written Maintenance Report.  Motion carried.

The Council reviewed proposals for insurance agent of record.  On a motion by Anthony Deschene, second by David Sorenson, the Council adopted a resolution appointing Jay Swanson Agency as city insurance agent of record.  Motion carried.

On a motion by David Sorenson, second by Anthony Deschene, the Council approved by resolution renewals of the Hogberg-Gerszewski Post 353 liquor license and The Dell Steakhouse & Lounge LLC liquor licenses.  Motion carried.

Motion by Anthony Deschene, second by David Gunderson, to approve the building permit of Jessica Gruhot for shingles.  Motion carried.

The Council discussed a curfew.  Vicki is to check with neighboring cities to see if they have a curfew.

Motion by Anthony Deschene, second by David Gunderson, to approve Brady Swanson as a new A.R.E.D.A. Board member replacing Janelle Swanson.  Motion carried.

The Council was informed that the Cold Weather Rule goes into effect on October 15th.

Motion by David Gunderson, second by David Sorenson, to approve the bills presented for payment, the delinquent accounts, the Profit & Loss, the Balance sheet and account balances.  Motion carried.

Being no further business, motion by Anthony Deschene, second by David Sorenson, to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Important Contact Information:

After Hours of Emergency:                             For more information:
                                                                                Phone:     218-437-6689(shop)
218-821-8618 (Tony cell)
Call before you dig…it’s the law.                                     218-230-1898 (Trevor cell)
800-252-1166 or dial 811                                                    
701-270-1777 (Michael cell)
                                               Email:     argyle@wiktel.com

Suspected Gas Leaks
Indications of a possible gas leak include:

  • Unusual odor (rotten egg smell) inside or near the pipeline outdoors.
  • Hissing noise, bubbles in puddles, dirt being blown into the air, or dead or discolored vegetation near an underground pipeline.
  • Fire or explosion involving pipeline facilities.

If You Suspect a Leak:

  • EVACUATE the area immediately – travel upwind to escape any potentially dangerous accumulation of gas and do not reenter until told it is safe to do so.
  • CALL the gas supplier from a safe location – NOT the building where you smell the gas.
  • DO NOT light a match, operate light switches, appliances, engines, or any other potential sources of ignition.
  • KEEP other people out of the area until help arrives.

Remember, suspected gas leaks are potentially dangerous and must be reported and investigated immediately.  We need your help to continue to operate a safe distribution system.

Excavation Safety

Dig-in (excavation) damage is a leading cause of gas system damage.  To minimize this hazard, the most important thing you can do is Call Before You Dig.

Gopher State One Call is a free statewide service that allows utilities to locate any buried facilities they own before you start digging.  Just call two (2) business days before digging and provide the requested information to the operator.

GSOC can be reached at 800-252-1166 or 811.  Visit their website: www.gopherstateonecall.org.
Remember – Call Before You Dig – It’s the Law!

Gas Meter Safety

During the winter months, we ask that gas customers please keep snow cleared from your meter and vent.  A dangerous condition exists should your gas meter and vent become blocked with snow.  Please keep checking this until the snow melts.   Also, just a reminder to not block the gas meter with any debris such as hanging a hose on them.  The gas meter needs to be accessible at all times.