Mayor Robert Clausen called to order the November 6, 2017 Argyle City Council meeting at 7:00PM.  Present were Mayor Clausen, Howard McLean, Anthony Deschene and Aaron Rivard.  Absent was David Gunderson.  Also in attendance was Vicki Tulibaski.  Motion by Anthony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.

The Council approved by resolution the insurance agent for the city per the LMC.

Mayor Robert Clausen opened the sealed bids received for the Fire Truck.  The Council approved the bid of Dave Nicholls for the fire truck.

The Council approved the building permit of Argyle Seed Inc. for additional hopper bins.

The Council was informed that Jon LaBine signed a quit claim deed with Lots 15, 16, & 17 in Block 7 of First Addition going back to the city as he did not build a home within a year.

The Council waived utility deposits for Al Larson as his account has always been current with the city.

The Council approved displaying the City of Argyle Christmas tree in the Mall and donating bars or cookies to the Community Tree Lighting event in December.

Anthony Deschene stated that a person who contacted him was interested in purchasing a portion of property and the product on it.  The Council stated that the clay could be purchased at $5.00/yard and the recycle could be purchased at $14/yard.  The property will not be sold.  If the person is interested in purchasing product, he will come to the Council meeting.  Tony Safranski arrived at the meeting.

The Council then reviewed and approved the written Maintenance Report.  Tony received quotes on three different tires for the 2007 Chevy.  After some discussion, the Council approved purchasing the Falken Wildpeak from CHS.

Melissa Knutson from CPS Engineering arrived at the meeting.  She explained to the Council the steps involved in vacating the alleys in the Bradford’s Addition Replat.  She will email the necessary information to the lawyers to draw up all the necessary paperwork and a public hearing will be held before the December Council meeting to approve it.

A lengthy discussion with Melissa on Lincoln Avenue improvements and the development of Bradford’s Addition Replat followed.  In the end, the Council approved hiring CPS Engineering and moving forward with the development of Bradford’s Addition Replat and Lincoln Avenune improvements.

The Council reviewed the profit & loss and balance sheet.  They also reviewed delinquent accounts.  The bills presented for payment were reviewed and approved.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

*** Please do not leave cars & trailers on streets for easier snow removal.
*** Please stay away from snow removal equipment – Give them room to do their job!
*** Please stop flushing wipes including flushable wipes.  They are not meant for the city sewer and are causing many problems.