Mayor Terry Sundby called to order the Council meeting on July 1, 2024, at 7:00 PM in the Argyle City Office. Present were Terry Sundby, Aaron Rivard, Tony Deschene, and David Gunderson. Via Zoom was Penni Anderson. Also in attendance were Dan & Renae Lindgren, Michael Pagnac, and Tamara Benitt. Motion by David Gunderson, seconded by Aaron Rivard, to approve the previous minutes. Motion carried.

Many houses in town are causing I & I (Infiltration and inflow) into our system. This is happening because of a negative slope on the home and no rain gutters, which forces their sump pumps to run for longer lengths of time. We have to enforce residents to run their sumps to either their yard or street. The lift stations cannot handle all the rainwater. The pumps are running continuously with the rainfall we received. An insert will be put in the newsletter to remind business owners and residents to run pumps out and the City crew will be doing spot checks. Anyone in violation will be fined $100/day. Trent and Michael will be spot checking some of the properties.

Otter Tail has scheduled a power outage on Monday, July 29th, from 5:30pm – 9:30pm to maintenance and repair the substation.

Motion by Aaron Rivard, second by David Gunderson, to approve the signing of the Local Road Improvement Project Funds Agreement between Marshall County and the City of Argyle. Motion carried.

At the June meeting, it was discussed to have the Park Board start meeting again and have a budget line on the city’s yearly budget. Tamara will contact the members to verify they want to continue on the Park Board. The board will be responsible for meeting to discuss new projects.

Building Permits: Scot Hoeper – replace sidewalk & kitchen cabinets; Mick Rapacz – fence & rock; Earl Riopelle – replace shower; Jeff Chwialkowski – siding & windows; Janet St. Germain – new patio; Cody Sundby – window replacement, front patio & stairs; Terry’s Body Shop – doors, windows, siding, and replace concrete; and Hunter Yutrzenka – remodel inside of house. Motion by Tony Deschene, seconded by Aaron Rivard, to approve the building permits. Motion carried.

State Demographic Center – As of April 1, 2023, population estimate is 533 and household estimate is 246. There needs to be goals and a strategy set to at least maintain our population. In order to increase population, we need housing. There needs to be investors to supply some of these needs. We also need to keep moving forward on our projects like street and utilities.

Due to the extended season and additional flowerpots, motion by Tony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to raise the watering seasonal wage to $1500.00. Motion carried.

LaBine Electric installed the water tower lights. The total cost was $13,706.35 after the donations of $1,095. Please feel free to donate to the new water tower lights. Contact the City Office for more information.

Motion by Aaron Rivard, second by Tony Deschene, to acknowledge and approve excluded bingo activity for St. Rose Church during their bazaar on October 27, 2024, at the Community Center. Motion carried.

City Office and City Shop will be closed Thursday, July 4th, 2024. Motion by Penni Anderson, seconded by Tony Deschene, to approve the employees having July 5th off due to extra work for Meet Your Neighbor Day. Motion carried.

Cal Ripken 12U tournament will be in Argyle and Stephen on July 20 and July 21.

Motion by Tony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the bills presented for payment, the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, delinquent accounts and vacation & sick leave. Motion carried.

Being no further business, motion by Aaron Rivard, second by Tony Deschene, to adjourn. Motion carried.

Reminder: Waste Management Recycling tote pickup will be on August 14th, 2024.