Mayor Terry Sundby called to order the January 3, 2022, City Council Meeting at the Argyle City Hall at 7:00 PM. Present were Mayor Sundby, David Sorenson, David Gunderson, Aaron Rivard, and Anthony Deschene. Also in attendance were Tony Safranski, Engineer Jerry Pribula, and Tamara Benitt. Motion by Tony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion carried.

Engineer Jerry Pribula came before the Council to discuss the Rural Water project updates and location of the reservoir.

Tony Safranski commented on a sewer line plug up. After the camera ran down the pipe, it was not the City’s problem but the homeowners.

The Council is requesting to extend the amount of time they can review the Minnesota Basic Code and the Minnesota Livable City Code. They want to compare the two before putting anything into policy.

On a motion by David Sorenson, second by Tony Deschene, to approve the quote from LMCIT and offer short term disability insurance to all full-time employees. Abstained: David Gunderson.

On a motion by Aaron Rivard, the resolution to Approve Annual Designations, Appointments, and Rental & Fee Schedule for 2022 was adopted with a second by David Gunderson.

The Council reviewed the utility rate schedule for 2022. After much discussion, the residential water rates will raise to $8.50/1,000 gallons, commercial water rates will raise to $9.75/1,000 gallons, and bulk water rates will raise to $15.00/1,000 gallons. On a motion by David Gunderson, the resolution to approve the 2022 utility rates and natural gas rebates was adopted with a second by David Sorenson.

There were no bids received on Auditor’s Subdivision Lots 98-99.

On a motion by Tony Deschene, the resolution revoking mail balloting was adopted with a second by Aaron Rivard.

FEMA issued a Letter of Map Revision for the flood area in city limits. Tamara is questioning the area and will report back at the February meeting.

Motion by David Sorenson, second by Tony Deschene to approve the building permit for Scot Hoeper, new shower/bathtub.

The Council was informed that the City Office & City Shop will be closed on Monday, January 17, 2022 in observance for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Kaizen Architechtural Group will not be at this meeting with Fire Hall Feasibility Study. Tony Deschene will take the designs and plans to the Firemen Committee and see what they can change in order to get to the budget of $900,000.

The A.R.E.D.A. board decided to bring back Argyle Bucks. Argyle Bucks will be ran through A.R.E.D.A. and can be purchased at the City Office. Argyle Bucks can be used at all participating Argyle businesses.

A Business each month will be featured as the “In the Spotlight Business” in the newsletter and also on the City of Argyle Facebook page. We need to promote shopping  local and inform the residents what is available within the City of Argyle. This is just a free little advertisement for the business.

Middle-Snake-Tamarac Rivers Watershed District sent a letter regarding the redetermination of benefits for State Ditch 3. Tamara called to have a meeting about this issue. They stated that the ditch runs by where the City owns property by the lagoon. Since there is such an insignificant amount of land owned by the City, there is no need to meet with the Watershed to change any drainage.

Tamara informed the council what information was found in her researching the 2020 Census population decrease for the City of Argyle. Government units can only request a review of housing counts. They cannot request a review of population counts. The Council informed Tamara to stop researching the Census.

On a motion by David Sorenson, second by Tony Deschene, the Argyle City Council approves the Mayor and Clerk signatures on the contract with Brady Martz for auditing services for the 2021 fiscal year.

Delinquent accounts were discussed. The policy needs to be followed so any account after two months of no payment, water will be shut off. Tamara is to give a courtesy call before shut-off. Motion by David Sorenson, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the bills presented for payment, the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, delinquent accounts and vacation & sick leave. Motion carried.

Being no further business, motion by Anthony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to adjourn. Motion carried.

Argyle offers a yearly garbage pickup fee. $100/35 gallon garbage can.

Stop by City Office to purchase your yearly sticker.

Reminder: Waste Management recycling tote pickup will be on February 16, 2022.

City Office & City Shop Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Friday 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.



1. Please do not leave cars & trailers on streets for easier snow removal.

2. Please stay away from Snow Removal Equipment. Give them room to do their job!!!

3. Please keep all gates open and free of snow so that meters can be read. Thank You for your cooperation!

4. A reminder from the Argyle Gas Department: Please keep snow cleared from your gas meter and vent. A dangerous condition exists should your gas meter and vent become blocked with snow. Please keep checking this until the snow melts.

5. Please help the Fire Department by keeping your fire hydrants cleared of snow.