Draft- January 4, 2021

Newly elected Mayor Terry Sundby took the Mayoral Oath of Office and Anthony Deschene and Aaron Rivard took the Council member Oath of Office.

Mayor Terry Sundby called to order the January 4, 2021, City Council meeting in the Argyle Community Center at 7:00PM.  Present were Mayor Sundby, David Sorenson, David Gunderson, Aaron Rivard, and Anthony Deschene.  Also in attendance were Tony Safranski, Jason Hillman and Jerry Pribula representing Marshall & Polk Rural Water, and Vicki Tulibaski.  Motion by David Gunderson, second by David Sorenson, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.

Jason Hillman and Jerry Pribula representing Marshall & Polk Rural Water came before the Council to go over what it would entail to bring rural water into Argyle.

Scott Winge from Northern Sanitation came before the Council with a 3% increase for refuse pickup in Argyle over the next three years.  Motion by David Sorenson, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve entering into a 3-year contract for refuse pickup in Argyle with Northern Sanitation. Motion carried.

The Council reviewed the update from Moore Engineering.  They also reviewed filter plant expenses for the past 21 years and what it costs the City of Argyle to make 1,000 gallons of water.  The Council is having Moore Engineering figure the cost of a new well, a new line into town, a new water tower, and filter plant updates.  They are currently looking to see if the city would be eligible for any grants.  The Council will need to decide what projects they want to do from the list of costs from Moore Engineering or go with Rural Water.

The Council reviewed the written Maintenance Report.  Motion by David Gunderson, second by Anthony Deschene, to approve the written Maintenance Report.

The Council reviewed the 2020 Appointments & Rental Schedules & utility rates and gas rebates to make any changes for 2021.  After some discussion, motion by David Gunderson, second by David Sorenson, by resolution approve the 2021 Appointments & Rental Schedules & to leave the rates and rebates the same.  Motion carried.

The Council was informed that the City Office & City Shop will be closed on January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

The skating rink was opened on December 29th.  Motion by Anthony Deschene, second by Aaron Rivard, to not hire a skating rink attendant.  Motion carried.

The Council reviewed a letter from Northwest Regional Development Commission seeking nominations for a municipal representative to serve on their Board.  No interest from the Council.

The Council reviewed the Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Delinquent accounts, vacation & sick leave and bills presented for payment.  Motion by David Gunderson, second by Aaron Rivard, to approve the bills presented for payment, the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, delinquent accounts and vacation & sick leave.  Motion carried.

Being no further business, motion by Aaron Rivard, second by Anthony Deschene, to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Requests for Winter Months:

  • Please do not leave cars & trailers on streets for easier snow removal.  Please stay away from snow removal equipment — Give them room to do their job!
  • While clearing your driveway isn’t a crime, the way you clean it may be.  According to MN Statue 106.2715, “(a) Except for the actions of the road authorities, their agents, employees, contractors, & utilities in carrying out their duties imposed by law or contract, & except as herein provided, it shall be unlawful to: (1) obstruct any highway or deposit snow or ice thereon and (b) any violation of this section is a misdemeanor.” This means in laymen’s terms, you can’t push snow across the road or into the street to get it out of your driveway.  Plowing snow out of a yard & onto or across any public road or right of way is illegal (this applies to all city, township, county & state roads.
  • Please keep all gates open and free of snow so that meters can be read.  Thanks for your cooperation!
  • Please help the Fire Department…Help keep your fire hydrants cleared of snow.
  • A Reminder to all gas customers…Please keep snow cleared from you gas meter and vent.  A dangerous condition exists should your gas meter and vent become blocked with snow.  Please keep checking this until the snow melts.

ALL GARBAGE OUT FOR PICKUP MUST BE PROPERLY BAGGED OR TAGGED.  Garbage cans are not to be larger than 35 gallons.  Garbage cans are not to weigh more than 50 pounds.  If over weight, it may be left or your will be billed additional charges.