A Public Hearing on the Preliminary and Final Replat of Lots 12 through 16, Block 1, and all of Block 8 Bradford’s Addition (including the westerly 10.00 feet of the alley way adjoining said Lot 16, Block 1) was held at 6:00PM at the Argyle City Office.  Council members present were Mayor Clausen, Anthony Deschene, Howard McLean, Aaron Rivard and David Gunderson.  None were absent.  Also in attendance were Melissa Knutson of CPS Engineering, Don Parent, Wayne and Peggy Feuillerat, and Vicki Tulibaski.  Being no concerns were raised on the preliminary and final replat the meeting was closed and Wayne and Peggy Feuillerat and Don Parent then left the meeting.

Mayor Robert Clausen called to order the August 7, 2017 City Council meeting on August 7, 2017 at 7:00PM at the City Office.  Council members in attendance were Mayor Clausen, Anthony Deschene, David Gunderson, Howard McLean, and Aaron Rivard.  Also in attendance were Keith Bergeron, Melissa Knutson of CPS Engineering, Tony Safranski and Vicki Tulibaski.  Minutes of the previous meetings were approved.

Keith Bergeron representing the Argyle American Legion thanked the Council for all the help provided by the City on the Lynn Swanson Memorial Ball Park.  Now that that project is complete, they would like to do some work in the Kurz Memorial Park.  The Legion, the Lions and Kurz family is involved in the project.  He request two trees be removed from the park which was approved by the Council.  Dean and Linda Anderson arrived at the meeting.  He informed the Council of work they would like to complete in the park.  Keith then left the meeting.

The replat was explained to Dean and Linda Anderson.  They thanked the Council and then left the meeting.

Melissa then went over the draft resolution for the preliminary and final replat.  The Council approved the preliminary and final replat by resolution.  Paul and Anita Brazier arrived at the meeting.  They came to the meeting to find out if there were any setbacks that they will need to follow when they put up a building.  Paul will stake out where he plans to put the building and Tony will check to see where gas needs to come from. Paul and Anita then left the meeting.

The Council reviewed and approved the written Maintenance Report.  Tony informed the Council that the summer help person will be done working this week.  The Council approved hiring Hayden Sczepanski to work the balance of the summer or until he gets a job.

Tony requested to purchase a lift for use on the lawn mowers.  Howard will get him pricing.  Vicki suggested applying for a safety grant.

The Council approved CHS installing a bulk fill water set up on their property.

The Council reviewed quotes on tires for the tanker and approved purchasing the tires with mounting from CHS.

The Council review applications for the Maintenance Worker position.  Interviews will be set up.

The Council reviewed and approved building permit applications received from Zach & Breanne Beaudry, remodel house; Need-A-Shed (Paul Brazier), new steel building; and Jeff Anderson, shop.

The Council discussed proposed items to include in the 2018 budget.

A letter will be sent to the railroad regarding the sand piled in Argyle.

The Council was informed that the new pumper has arrived and the firemen were trained on it.

The Council reviewed the final report on the Argyle Summer Rec Program and approved it and the final payment to Kayla Safranski, Summer Rec. Director/Head Coach.

Delinquent accounts were reviewed. All accounts past due 90 days will be shut off.

The Council reviewed and approved the reports and bills presented for payment.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.