August 2016


Mayor Robert Clausen called to order the August 1, 2016, Council meeting at 7:00PM.  Council members present were Mayor Clausen, Anthony Deschene, Howard McLean, and David Gunderson.  Absent was Terry Sundby.  Also in attendance were Melissa Knutson of CPS, Tony Safranski, and Vicki Tulibaski.  Motion by Howard McLean, second by David Gunderson, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion carried.

The Council reviewed and approved the written Maintenance Report.  They also reviewed a proposal from Maquire Iron, Inc. to paint the water tower.  KLM will be contacted to get a quote for inspection and a paint bid as well.  The Council also reviewed a report from SEH on the water tower.

Melissa Knutson of CPS. Ltd. explained to the Council that they completed the field survey work, a legal description for an easement on one parcel, (Cal and Bonnye Sorenson) and a drawing to go with it that would be filed with the deed of the easement.  The Council approved CPS to draw up the additional easements and drawings.

The Council reviewed and approved the proposal from Hydro Klean to spray a lining in the pond control structure.  There will be additional charges to fix any leaks.  The Council then discussed the use of the DNR generators.  The Hallock superintendent will be contacted as they are currently using the DNR generator for utility backup.  Howard will try to find parts to fix the small Honda generator.  If it cannot be fixed, the Council approved the purchase of a 2000 watt Honda generator.  Terry Sundby arrived at the meeting.

The Council reviewed a letter from Jerome Whitlow stating that he disagreed with the forgiveness of special assessments.  The Council again discussed the request to forgive the special assessments.  Motion by Howard McLean, second by Anthony Deschene, to not forgive the special assessments on the property purchased by Brandon and Dana Setterholm (former Patrick Crummy property).  David Gunderson and Terry Sundby abstained.  Mayor Clausen voted to not forgive the special assessments.  Motion carried.  David Gunderson stated that he would abstain on any requests until a written policy is put in place.

The Council reviewed and approved a proposal from M. Borowicz Construction for work on the grandstand.

The Council reviewed a proposal from Noel LaBine to hire him to do a community and economic development assessment of Argyle.  No action taken by the Council.

The Council reviewed and approved the building permits of Bruce Chwialkowski, windows and Wayne Malm, shingles.

The Council was again informed that the Mayor position (Bob) and two Council positions (Terrry & Tony) are up this year.  August 2nd is the first day to file affidavits for candidacy and the last day is August 16th.  There is a $2.00 filing fee.  Primary Electi